Gratitude:UnFiltered with Joshua T. Berglan

Faith is an optimist because it sees the way out. Doubt is a pessimist, can not see the way ahead and fears because not conscious of being able to cope with the uncertain Faith opens the door of ability and develops superiority.” -the Miracle of Right Thought On today’s show…. You will see 😊 Joshua T. Berglan’s Gratitude:UnFiltered is a Faith-based talk show that blurs the lines of business and personal development. The host, Joshua T. Berglan is the CEO of Live Mana Worldwide where he is an entrusted Luminary to a very select group of prominent humans. Joshua is known as The Worlds Mayor because of his passion for helping people win in life and in business and because of his unique gift of creating powerful connections between businesses and people. Joshua is a Follower of Christ and is a believer in accepting and loving all people regardless of beliefs, race, socioeconomics, or sexual preferences. Gratitude:UnFiltered is Joshua’s ministry, where he focuses on Faith, Personal and Business Development, Mental Health Issues, and finding Gratitude in life’s biggest challenges</a
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