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Your path and destiny upon the earth are wrapped in two words—divine purpose! You are not an accident, an afterthought, or a mistake. You are part of God’s plan.

Three things you can do to help you understand your purpose and achieve it are:

Define what you are passionate about. Generally, we are driven internally by a purpose given to us by God. What is that thing that wakes you up at night or the first thing you think about when you get up? Many times, our purpose is connected to what we are most passionate about.

Define what you are good at. There is a difference between a hobby and a purpose. Many of us love to do things but may not be the best at them! When you sit down and really look at your talents and abilities, that’s where our life purpose is most often seen.
What trusted feedback do you regularly receive from others? When we surround ourselves with the right kind of people, they often give us solid feedback on who we really are. I am not saying to listen to everyone, but who do you have in your life that has experience and wisdom. I (Joe) have experienced that when I spend time with the right people, they actually see my gifts in ways, that I did not see in myself. I would not be where I am today without this encouraging feedback in my life.

It is important to have a firm grasp on both our general and specific purpose as we go through life and its many storms. These can act like an internal GPS to keep us going through the ups and downs that we all face. You were crafted for a purpose. 

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