Gratitude:UnFiltered with guest Dr. Marissa Pei

Top of the morning to you! I am really excited about today’s show. I am really excited about my guest this morning. Dr. Marissa Pei!

Dr. Marissa Pei holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and is a media personality and TV commentator, with an award-winning talk radio/TV show called “Take my Advice I’m not using it: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa”. The show has been syndicated for four years now on CNBC, NBC, and IHeartRadio. She has also been a talking head on FOX, Discovery Channel, ABC, and more. Dr. Marissa publishes a monthly column in The Sun called “What If?”, has had articles published in the Orange County Register, was interviewed by Forbes Inc. Magazine and Marie Claire China, and is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker. Her extensive awards include 2017 Iconic Women of the Year, 2016 Podcast of the Year Top 10 in Health, and 2014 Asian Heritage and Lotus Business Person of the Year, 2012 Asian Entrepreneur of the Year, and more. Dr. Marissa lives in Seal Beach, California.

Dr. Pei is here to talk about her new book

‘8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are’ is a guide for anyone who wants to be 88% happy! Published by Morgan James NY, Foreword by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and endorsed by Neale Donald Walsch, Dawn Wells Gilligan’s Island Maryann and Muhammed Ali’s daughter Laila Ali, AND by both Dohrmann’s, 
8 Ways is a self-help on steroids book for the 1 in 4 Americans who are on anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds who are STILL anxious and depressed and now have dangerous side effects on top of it! 
Based on her own own past pain and her work as an organizational psychologist and Life Balance coach, Dr. Marissa feels your pain and then gently cajoles you into more Hope and Happiness because pain is mandatory but suffering is optional! After reading and working through the exercises, you will NEVER hate yourself the same way again! 8 Ways is a cross between ‘I’m OK you’re OK’ and you’re STILL OK and ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ AND the big stuff! If you are ready to let Dr. Marissa aka ‘the Asian Oprah’ hold a flashlight so you can let go of past pain and future fear go because You deserve to be happy 88% of the time!

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