Jason Powell on Gratitude:UnFiltered


Mental Health, suicide, Dark Passengers, divorce, troubled relationships, careers, life, love, marriage, military life, quantum physics, podcast and whatever else comes to mind will all be on the table tonight as our guest, Jason C Powell and I have a vulnerable discussion about our lives and how we both use our past circumstances to create a future life that we have only dreamed about. 

I have no idea how this show will come across and I am sure the subject matter will offend some but this is Gratitude:UnFiltered after all, what did you expect?

Jason is the host of UnLighten Me Experience.  The “Unlighten Me Experience” is an unfiltered show exploring all aspects of the world we are forced to live in.  It is my goal to explore a wide variety of perspectives with my guests and dive deep into the realities of science, human behavior, politics, explorations, conspiracies and so much more. I created this show to also be a BIG party for me to NOT keep my mouth shut any longer. So many circumstances, out of my control, have forced me to be tight-lipped for years…NO MORE!

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