Joshua T Berglan’s Morning Gratitude w/ Sarah Michelle & Celina Celeste


On today’s Joshua T Berglan’s Morning Gratitude brought to you by E360tv, ShopMelissaHull . com, The Lions Pack Handcrafted Vegan Cookie Dough, Face Camp, and Color Evolution……..

Sarah Michelle and Celina Celeste……

Sarah is the founder and CEO of Honey MAP Agency. She helps clients with brand identity, marketing strategy and messaging. In addition to advocating brand identity, she is also an advocate for personal identity and stays active within the volunteer community. She believes in blending professional and personal passions, so 10% of all time and profits made at Honey MAP go directly to helping non-profits. Sarah grew up in Southern California and currently resides north of Boston.

Celina is an entrepreneur, artist, and podcaster, living in Colorado. Celina stared her journey passion for art when she was only 12 years old, and since then has developed her creativity and inspired her to create other outlets for her ideas.

Celina is currently working on writing a cookbook as well as being the host of her own live podcast on Facebook. She hopes to inspire people to do what they love and pursues their dreams, just like what she’s doing.

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