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Business Development Advising & Consulting 

First and foremost, thank you so much for stopping by and checking out the services I offer. I am grateful for you.  I believe we all have God-given gifts.  Mine is the ability to see others purpose and help them find their vision for themselves or their brands.  The journey towards one’s purpose or calling can be full of surprises and unforeseen obstacles.  It is not enough for me to just help people discover their vision, I assist them with laying out a plan on how to reach their vision and how to turn obstacles into opportunities and closed doors into blessings


I have 22 years of professional experience aligning strategic partnerships with startups and established organizations.  Truthfully it is something I take great pride in doing and this is one of my greatest strengths.  I have a keen eye and the years of experience has allowed me to create synergies amongst unlikely partners that lead to mutual success and growth in revenue.  Through strategic planning, product launch/brand revival, media exposure, and sales, my client’s experience a dramatic growth in revenue and lasting relationships from the partnerships I help create.  


I have been very blessed to represent some of the worlds best products.  I have been fortunate to have products I represent get on TV, in Movies, on radio shows, QVC/HSN and get global distribution.  I am well versed in the world of healthcare, cosmetics, media, skincare, luxury travel, cannabis, medical devices and real estate.  Because I have worked very closely with these industries and my relationships in entertainment and media, there is very little I cannot help brands with.  I generate new business for brands with a multifaceted approach but at the core of this is me becoming your brands biggest cheerleader and ambassador.  – Call 619-394-6725 for more information or book me here



I have been so blessed to have a childhood dream come true by becoming a radio host.  A daily LiveStream turned into a radio show/podcast in just a matter of months and was picked up by Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher,  Spreaker, Anchor, Google Play, Stitcher and multiple other platforms. I love interacting with my Facebook audience each day and am excited that Joshua T Berglan’s Morning Gratitude will become a TV show in addition to my radio show/podcast.  The success of my show is because of an outside of the box approach I took that allowed me to get my show on multiple platforms at one time and has doubled my audience size nearly every week.  It has been so exciting and such a blessing.  I love teaching others my method that is truly unlike anyone else out there teaching others to a podcast.  If you would like to book a session with me, please click here


1. Movie Production/Distribution – We have won an Oscar for our award-winning cinematography for our film: “20 feet from Stardom” which has also won a Grammy in addition to 27 other awards among having produced and distributed many other films.

2. TV Production/Commercials/Distribution – We currently have a show on the Discovery Channel entitled: “Gear Heads”

3. Book Publishing/Distribution – Please visit our website to view our Best-Selling Novels and Screenplays.

4. Script/Book Writing – Please see number 3

5. Sales Copywriting: We utilize advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other hypnotic language patterns and techniques for enhanced ROI by incorporating it into your marketing materials such as your website/emails/brochures/banners/business cards etc.

6. Website Creation/Graphic Design/App Creation/Design – We have professional Website Developers/Graphic Designers to create the perfect website or message for you.

7. PR – Public Relations (Red Carpet Events, Television Appearances (Major News Networks), and Published PR (Articles on Major News Sites)

 8. Social Media Growth (We grow Instagram Accounts, Facebook Accounts, Youtube Subscribers/Views, Spotify Plays/Playlists/Downloads, and Soundcloud Plays/Downloads. We have the ability to grow accounts up to millions of followers for the best prices in town. We also have the ability to make content go viral online as an additional service.

9. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – We have some of the best SEO engineers on the planet that are dedicated to ranking your website on the first page of google and increasing organic search traffic for your brand.

10. Paid Advertising/Digital Marketing – We work with you to generate ROI and grow Digital Assets with Paid Advertising Campaigns (Google Adwords, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and many other platforms) that include email marketing and retargeting. We have some of the best Paid Advertising Engineers on staff and have the results to prove it.

11. Celebrity Endorsements/Influencer Marketing (Shout outs from A-list Celebrity Social Media Accounts) – these include famous Actors, Singers, Musicians, Influencers, Sports Figures, Politicians etc) Partial List:

12. Business Financing/Personal Loans – As long as your credit/Tax returns check out we are able to provide various financing options for you to choose from.

13. Talent Management – We manage Musicians, Magicians, Influencers, Actors, Sports Figures and Olympic Gold Medalists.

14. Revenue Stream Identification – we work creatively with you to identify multiple revenue streams and subscription-based services to enhance ROI. This also includes product developments both tangible and intangible.

15. Music Production – We work directly with the producers for JAY-Z, Prince, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Nicki Minaj Lil-Wayne, Drake, Snoop Dogg just to name a few. (this extends to all genres)

16. Music Video Production – We have produced the video for the song “The Sound Of Silence” by DISTURBED for Warner Bros.

17. Virtual Reality – We have done the 360 Virtual Reality Experience for Disney in their theme parks

18. A-list Concerts/Tours

19. Talent Booking (a short incomplete list of the caliber of bands/acts we book:

20. Investment opportunities (you can invest in the largest A-list concerts/comedy tours/movies of all time.) Please inquire about this personally

21. Lifestyle Concierge Service – Want to make literally ANYTHING happen? Ethically and morally, of course, we can do everything from get you married by the Pope at the Vatican to booking private airfare and travel with massive discounts and benefits. Please Inquire by call 619-394-6725 or email me at [email protected]