Live Mana Worldwide 

Executive Talent Management 

Creating & Supporting “The Modern Day Celebrity” 

Welcome to Live Mana Worldwide, an Executive Management Agency! 

My name is Joshua T. Berglan aka The World’s Mayor and I am the CEO of Live Mana Worldwide.  I am sure you are like most people who are asking yourself  “what does mana mean and why would anyone name their company that”? 

“Mana means “power, “effectiveness”, and “prestige”.  In most cases, this power is considered to be supernatural.  And, if we limit ourselves, that is exactly where the power remains.  A distant idea, out of reach, and unrelated to our everyday lives.  But, that’s where we’re all mistaken.  Mana is not unobtainable.  Mana is a power which exists in all of us, however, only a few are able to harness it.  Only those who are willing to take the journey are able to reach a point where mana is not just an idea but, a way of life.”

At Live Mana Worldwide, our job is to help you harness that power and use it to support you in building or creating your brand.  We have a wide range of services due to our eclectic and diverse backgrounds working and we are extremely passionate about supporting people in making their dreams come true.  

My passion is supporting you to make your business and personal vision come to fruition while making you THE authority in your field. 

By being the authority in your field, everything that is available to celebrities that most desire, is available for you! TV, Radio, Podcast, Endorsements, Red Carpet Appearances, Books, Speaking Engagements and more

We also offer elite business and personal life management through our network of elite coaches from all over the world.   

Live Mana Worldwide is constantly evolving however the purpose behind the brand is to house my various interest within one community.  Executive Management, Podcast, Live Streams, Blogs, Branding and Consulting Services are just a few of the things you will find here….

I love supporting others achieve their dreams.  There is nothing more exciting than supporting another person in harnessing their God given gifts to achieve what they had only previously dreamed about. I believe that God gives us our dreams or visions to show us what is possible, not to tease us.  

If you are interested in learning more, please call us at 619-394-6725!