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Quinton Aaron with Jennifer Lee Evans 

This is The Jenerosity Show and I am your host Jennifer Evans… Inspiring you to give, serve and love your way to a happier and healthier life. On Episode #2, I am honored to have the famous actor Quinton Aaron on the show! This man has a heart of gold; a genuine person, philanthropist, entrepreneur and hands down one of the best huggers in the world! Quinton will be LIVE streaming from Tampa, Florida to open up about life, service and the work he is passionately pursuing to help fight bullying and the mental issues associated with it.

Quinton Aaron has excelled in development and leadership positions in the nonprofit sector for nearly 10 years now. Since his the release of the $350,000,000 mega hit film, The Blind Side, Quinton’s passion for connecting organization to the causes they care about has lead him to where he is today!

As a fundraiser, entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist and marketer, Quinton helps develop relationships in both the private sector, business sector and most significantly in education and student development. Quinton has been an advocate for children suffering from the long term effects from being bullied, and supports organizations the deal with the mental health issues associated with it. From the day after the theatrical release of The Blind Side, and the subsequent leadership opportunities that followed, Quinton has risen to the challenge of speaking, advocating, and supporting individuals and organizations in need.

Quinton currently serves on the board of no less than four organizations, and is the “Goodwill Ambassador” for Forgotten Angels of Florida, serving children that age out of foster care. Quinton’s list of accomplishments and achievement are far too long to list. But the following is a short list of some of them – Performer and speaker at Muhamad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night raising over $150,000 – Special guest speaker at Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala (2009-Present) – Life coach and mentor to over 525,000 children in 43 states – Over $1,230,000 in revenue raised through his direct involvement for his charity – Advocate for “Celebrities Against Bullies” – Hillsborough County Department of Education Advisory Board member (8th largest school board) – President and CEO of B.O.M. Productions – 650 plus public speaking engagement. – Over 500 person appearances for fundraisers, business meeting, and corporate development seminars. –

On top of everything else, Quinton has over 30 films to his credit as an actor – Quinton is currently producing or executive producing the following films; “Best of Me: The Quinton Aaron Story” “Sixty6 -Three Days Alone” “Dad” “Stone River” Quinton was executive producer of the acclaimed film “Halfway” The Blind Side #Theblindside#Saturday#giving#jenerosity#generosity#service#antibullying#bullying#love#mentalhealth#philanthropist#florida#losangeles


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