Sophia Leva-Marie on Gratitude:UnFiltered

This is Gratitude:UnFiltered!

On today’s show Jennifer and Joshua interview, Sophia Leva-Marie!

Sophia is a self-love tour guide and Pleasure Concierge that specializes in sacred sexuality and Divine wealth for up-and-coming and established coaches and soul-preneurs. Sacred sexuality – as it is your power, your confidence, and the fuel that awakens your desires and creates the very fabric of your reality. Divine wealth – as it is how you impact and penetrate the world, shifting it’s consciousness with your choices and energy. Sophia takes her background in logistics management and corporate sales training, marrying it with spirituality and sexuality to challenge everything you think you know about yourself, your reality, and your business. She invites you to step into the fullness of your sensual God-given power, allowing you to Rule AND serve AND receive as the King or Queen you already are, and to architect the lifestyle and the empire of light you were born for.

This will be a lot of fun! Thank you to radio, podcast and streaming audience for your support!

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