The Divine Element

Your vision is unique to you, no one else will ever share your particular passions. Some will applaud your vision and others will ridicule you and/or say you are not good enough.  Heck, it happened to me 3 times over the weekend! The people who support you may buy into aspects of your vision that interface with parts of their life and they may work with you in areas where you share a common vision.  

Remember, your vision is unique to you and you only and it is up to you to go out and pursue it.  You will read in self-help books that “if you believe, you will achieve” and that is partially true in the secular world.  However, if you are a believer this is where we part ways with that world.  

When you are part of the secular world or you are just an “average” person, you have the right to dream your own dreams and develop your own picture of what your future holds, what your future should and could be.  When I say “average” I mean it to mean, you are like everyone else who is conforming to the world and not living your own purpose.  For me, living that way only spiraled my life even further out of control and I never really knew who I was and what I was supposed to do.  I felt lost in my career, my personal life, and even my spiritual life.  Well, I had no spiritual life.  I tried to do things my way and All I did was mess everything up.  

For Believers, we lose the right to live out our selfish desires because we are not our own.  

Honoring God involves discovering His picture or visions for our lives.  Honoring God involves discovering what could and should be accomplished utilizing the gifts we were all given.  We were created with His purpose in mind and until we start living His purpose, our true purpose there will be a hole in our soul.  

“For we are created in Jesus Christ for good works which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

This means you are a product of God’s vision.  God has decided what you could be and should be.  You are the outcome God envisioned.  It is important to know that His vision is not complete, we must decide His vision, our true purpose is what we truly want for our lives.  Then we must take action.  

As believers, we do not have the right to take our talents, gifts, opportunities, experiences, abilities, and education and do whatever we please.  We lose that when we give our lives to Him.  AS I mentioned before, our life is not our own.  Our dreams mirror His dream for us.  God has a vision for our lives, how amazing is that?  If you believe He loves us and wants the very best for us, why worry and doubt if we are striving for what He called us to do? 

Why would you ever think to have a visionless life?  

The world will offer us so many other options outside of the one thing we were meant to do but remember you and I were made specifically for one specific thing.  The thing, the purpose, the vision you were created for will impact your life and the people around you.  However, it is important to know what your calling will have an impact way beyond the years you live on this earth.  

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