Understanding Values

“In the same way, let your light shine before people so they can see the good things you do and praise your Father who is in heaven.” Mathew 5:16

Visionaries must remain blessable. 

In other words, we are responsible for teaching and adhering to a set of beliefs and behaviors that reflect God’s purpose for our lives.  This also means that we need to lead how you feel God would lead.  Let God be the standard of your actions.  When you do this, your heart will be aligned with His heart and you will be blessed because you are now blessable. 

Core behaviors and beliefs fall into 2 categories, core values, and biblical values.

When God created us, He planted within our hearts certain things we value tremendously.  This our DNA hardwired in us. These become our values and if we follow the path God has for us, we will become the driving forces of our life.  In fact, core values are the things we would die for.  

Some examples of core values are our need for security, adventure, a home, justice, caring for other people, and of course, our families.  Our energy will be rearranged and redirect when we are in line with our God-given core values.  The way we spend our time and the way we think will also radically be different.  Ignoring these core values would make us miserable.  

If you identify and pursue your core values your full potential will be unleashed and you will be set up for a fulfilling and successful life.  

Our core values are the most important things in our life, it is our driving desire that God placed inside each of us to help us aim our life.  I believe this is why when we are not living right, we are a mess and turn to drugs and alcohol to numb our misery.  I have no science to back this up but if you think of the life you have or had when you are not living your purpose and staying true to your core values, it is pretty crappy isn’t it? Maybe I am alone here but I really do not think I am.  

There are core values and there are also biblical values.  Examples are honesty, compassion, diligence, patience, and humility.  These values are not optional and these values lead to God’s best for everyone.  

A way to discover your values and passions is to ask God.  

Seriously.  Ask “what values and passions did you place in me, God?  What is the blueprint you have for my life?”

You can also ask yourself “what is it that makes me furiously angry?  What is it that I love more than anything else?”  Give yourself time to wait for God and listen.  Give yourself time to think about this and write it down.  Pray about it.  When something comes to mind, write it down, use Siri to leave yourself a note.  Add to it with each thought you have and go back and look at how things connect.  


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