Working Towards Your Vision

“I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” Nehemiah famously said in the Bible.  

We all end up somewhere, some of us end up somewhere on purpose.  We are all here to fulfill a destiny! When we were born God placed opportunities and responsibilities that have divine significance.  We have been given talents that are taking shape as gifts and thrust into relationships that will present us with a significant opportunity.  

You have a mental picture, odds are multiple pictures of how you see your future.  You have a vision, we all do.  How you feed your mind will determine just how clear that picture becomes.  Imagination and passion are not enough to create the reality you want and casual encounters with God are not  either.  I know this from experience sadly.  You have to want to do the work.  You need to feed your mind with great teachings, the Word and other things to help build up your armor against the enemy.  

Visioning also requires patience, investigation, and planning.  Most importantly it takes faith and complete trust in God that he is working behind the scenes on your behalf.  There is divine potential in everything God has put in your heart to do.  How does that make you feel?  Does it scare you or does it bring you peace?  Does it excite you or does it paralyze you? 

Before I made the decision to follow Christ each and every time I saw the future He had planned for me, I found a way to sabotage it. I was scared and I also knew that I was not living right and I would be exposed if I stepped into my purpose.  After I gave my life to Christ, all of a sudden I no longer had shame for my past and knew it could be used for something special if I allowed it and was willing to do the work to train my mind, body, and spirit, building my defenses against any obstacle that came my way.  

Looking back at it, I used to be so turned off by “doing the work”.  Reading the Bible? yeah right! Devotionals, maybe but did I apply them?  Not if it took much effort.  Now, I look forward to the work because I believe in my purpose more than I desire living any other way.  


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